Congratulations to littermates Bernie And Remy on their new Grand championships!!


Future breeding plans on hold

With so many things canceled or on hold at the moment we feel that the only responsible choice is to put our breeding plans on hold for the foreseeable future. While we understand that many people feel that a new puppy would be a good thing to cheer them while serving out stay at homes orders, we invite you to look at our point of view. Most puppy services (training classes or in-home trainers, grooming, and even non essential veterinary care) are currently suspended or greatly reduced, depending on your location. No one intends to get in over their head with a new puppy, you may not even believe it could happen to you....but it can and if not with your puppy, to her littermate. 

Also, we have a commitment to the puppies that we have already produced. In all our contracts we have a clause that the puppy is to come back to us if you need to place the puppy due to circumstances as yet unforeseen. We are committed to those puppies and families. Should tragedy strike and an Allegro Puppy needs to come back to us, even if for a limited time, we need to be able to do so. If we are prepared to keep our promises to those Allegro families we must not take on more commitment than we can manage, we don't take these commitments lightly. For any Allegro puppy needs to come back to us during these hard times, we will do everything possible to make that happen, or by helping with training  by phone or online.

In the light of all these things, bringing more puppies into an uncertain future is not something we can do.


Spring 2020 Tino/Amelia





Norwegian Specialty Winner Villeokus Albertino Di Frederico. Tino is just a few points shy of finishing his American Championship as well.





Ch . Allegro's American Aviatrix RA BN CGC TKN

sadly, this breeding did not result in pregnancy. See our statement above

  • We will be breeding Bernie soon to this exciting young male. Bianco! Bianco is currently the number 1 dog in in Canada! Bianco was a standout at the AKC National Championship show in December, not only finishing his Championship but the next day going Best of Breed over some of the top ranked dogs in America! Congrats, Tracey!!
  • Both Bianco and Bernie have CHIC # from the Canine Health Institute for completing their health testing requirements per the American Parent Club (The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America). They are both both Clear of all genetic diseases. 
  • The links to Bianco's health tests are here: 
  • OFA:  
  • and My Dog DNA:  
  • Special thanks to Tracey Harris at Lagotto on the Hill, for allowing us to use her rising young star!
  • Bernie's Health clearances appear on her page. Both Parents are also clear for: HUU, NAD, PRA prcd Cone Rod disease, afflictions that are started to be tracked in our breed.