Congratulations to littermates Bernie And Remy on their new Grand championships!!


Here are some of our great dogs from the past. They are greatly missed.


Where to start to describe our first lagotto? He was imported from Switzerland in 2009. Twice he returned to Europe and was rated "V" or Excellent at the Raduno in Bagnara, Italy in 2010 and earned 9 V-1 ratings in in 10 shows in Switzerland and Germany in 2010 and 2013 finishing his championships in both countries with only one defeat (If you can call a V-2 in Open Class at the Europaseiger show a defeat!) and always against competition! He had multiple Best of Breed and CACIBS in both Germany and Switzerland. His third FCI country was Puerto Rico where he won 4 CACIBs, Best of Breeds, and Group placements. He also picked up a leg on his Puerto Rican CD.

In the USA, Terzo was an ambassador for the breed, many times being the first lagotto the judge or spectators had ever seen. He was the first CM (Certificate of Merit) winner in the breed's history, also the first: RN, RA, RE, TD and UD and was the first Lagotto High in Trial winner in AKC Obedience. He was the first Lagotto to win the UKC Top Ten Award, and the first to make it to the Top Twenty finals (2012). He was also the first lagotto ever invited to the AKC Obedience Classic (in Utility) and the first to be invited to the AKC National Obedience Invitational. He also did a turn as a junior handler's dog, not only helping Alexia Robles become the number 1 Junior with a lagotto in 2017, but also earning a group placement with her! If there was something to do or try....he did. We miss you buddy!

Terzo sired these champions:

  • Ch. Della Luna's Allegro con Brio CM (Winner of Best in Show at the LRCA's first Open Show)
  • Ch. Allegro's American Avaitrix RA BN TKN CGC
  • Ch. Allegro's Sonic Boom
  • Ch. Allegro's New Era Crescendo BN (Winners Bitch LRCA 2016)
  • GCh. Allegro's Lock Stock and Barrel CD BN RE AX AXJ OF TKI SWN CGC
  • GCh. Allegro's Burnin' the Breeze (BOS in Sweepstakes LRCA 2018)
  • UKC CH. Della Luna's Juno at Yorkridge


Franklin was the result of a co breeding we did with Daviann Mitchell of Nighthawk Rottweilers in California. He was a son of BIS/BISS Ch. Keerocka's Entertainer CD "Elvis" and our "Ditto" Wyndhurst Repeat Performance Nighthawk SchH1, CDX 2006 Producer of the Year.  

It's hard to know where to start to describe him. He started his show career with a bang by winning the Senior Futurity at the 2006 Nationals. He would show for anyone, but he adored Lacey Wisler. He met Lacey when he was out with Perry Payson and she was working as his assistant. He won group placements while completing advanced obedience titles, he thought carting was great fun, and was both gentle and vigilant. He was my first tracking dog, and it was like running behind a bulldozer when he was on scent! He was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma at barely age 7 while training for his TDX. Losing him at such a young age is one of our most devastating losses.


Mickey aka The Mouse was Franklin's littermate, and came back to live with us shortly after she turned two. She was a lovely girl who earned very nice scores for her obedience titles. She had two lovely but small litters of puppies and produced 2 Champions one of whom went onto be a super producer (GCH Nighthakw's Outstanding Ovation) of many top show dogs. She spent her retirement years with Kirstin Sachsen in San Francisco, bringing a dear friend into our family. Mickey was over 14 years when she passed. 

If Mickey ever met you, she never I can attest she once dragged me across the parking lot at a dog show to see Sarah Janner, whom she caught a glimpse of from afar! I had never met Sarah in person at the time, but Mickey did not care! We had a good laugh over that. 


Sire Ch. Von Boylan Antonio Banderas SchH3 Dam: A/C Ch. Evrmor's Blackgammon v BAAR CDX HT TDI

Ditto was an incredible working girl who came to us after finishing her Schutzhund titles. She enjoyed a long healthy life and blessed us with some incredible puppies.

Ditto lived to be nearly 14 years old and was a participant in the Old Grey Muzzle Tour for Rottweilers with extraordinary longevity.

She was the ARC Producer of the Year in 2006. She is the dam of these 7 puppies:

  • GCH Nighthawk's Xmas Bonus CD "Lefty"
  • GCH Nighthawk's Xcuse My French UD TD RAE CS CI TT "Franklin"
  • GCH Nighthawk's Xtra Special Surprise CDX RE "Mickey"
  • Ch. Nighthawk's Xtra Special Bear "Yogi"
  • Nighthawk's Xtreme Xpectations CD "Xeyna"
  • Ch. Nighthawk's Wildcat V. Mystic (Winners Bitch at MRC 2005)
  • Ch. Nighthawk's Whodunit


Sire: Multi V-1 Ch. Varus vom Wolfsburg SchH3 IPO3 Dam: Ch. TBM Cleo Laine CD 

Lis was the most incredible dog. She was the first really competitive obedience dog I ever had....and we trialed all over the place together. We had 30 Otch points and all our first place awards for the OTCH when she retired. She competed on the Arizona Team in the Western International Obedience Competition in Utility as well. We tried sheep herding too (but she tore her cruciate ligaments). We even went to Mexico and earned her CD and CDX.

She was so incredibly tuned into me, I doubt that there will ever be another dog like her. We had such a blast! I learned so much from her. We wrote a running series of posts on the old Rottie-l list serve, I am still meeting people who followed our UDXcellent Adventures and said that it inspired them to go on into Utility with their rottweilers.  She was a gift and I am so lucky she was mine.


There never was a happier boy, than this guy. His hip and elbow dysplasia ended his conformation career, but with good nutrition and care he went onto do wonderful things in working events! 

He competed on the Western International Obedience Competition in Novice, and Oh! did he love Rally. He was the first RAE in the state of Arizona! 

His sire was  the famous "Prico" Ch.Pico vom Hegestrauch SchH1 and I will always be grateful to Diana Lane for sending him to me!


Cleo was the dog that started it all for us in rottweilers. She was friendly and outgoing during a time of extreme popularity coupled with not the best temperaments. She thought dog shows were invented for her. She loved her audience and was never afraid to let them know it. 

She produced 3 obedience titled kids, with Melissa being an absolute superstar.

Bob the Dog

Bob was a rescued smooth coated Border Collie. He was found wandering the streets of Tucson and was originally adopted by one of my pet clients who wanted another dog. Her original dog hated him, but she wanted to get him started on some training so he could be more easily placed in a new home. By the end of the first lesson, I could tell he was something special and not too long later, he went home with me. 6 months later, he had 2 High in Trial wins. He retired with a bunch of HITs, HCs, and Otch points, but in the end was just a little too silly to quite put it all together to earn his OTCH. 

I consider Bob to be my bridge into lagotto, he was so different in training from the rottweilers! He also taught me that travelling to a show with a medium sized dog is so much easier than it was with a large dog!


Montana wasn't my dog. But I was fortunate in that his owner, Mary Brown-Scott, picked me to train him for his CD so that he could qualify for his ROM title with the DPCA. We had so much fun, we went on to do his CDX the next year! He was everything a Doberman should be.